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Help children like Guilu thrive this holiday season!

This holiday season, please be a part of WFG’s support for our children in Hengyang!

Please join Rocky and I in making a gift this holiday season to support ICC’s little children with disabilities who live on the WFG Floor in Hengyang.


In July in Las Vegas, you may recall that Rocky pledged up to $100,000 as a matching gift. Your donations to this match are deeply appreciated!

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LuLu came into ICC's care at 3 months old.


Guilu, nicknamed Lulu, entered into the care of the Hengyang Welfare Centre at 3 months of age. Her name “Guilu” means “the way back,” and it fits her well. She had fought through hospital stays and surgery for her heart condition. Upon her recovery and return to the Centre, everyone rejoiced to see her in fine and loud spirits.  Everyone was so happy to see she had made her “way back”!


Guilu has settled in with her ICC family, the Little Monkeys, and is developing well. She grows taller and more competent each day. Also growing is a mischievous streak, as she often enjoys teasing and playing games with her caregivers when the opportunity arises, leading to smiles that tend to refresh everyone’s day.

Thank you!

Thank you for your support this holiday season. You are making a huge impact in the lives of our little ones in China!

Miranda Kuong

Rocky Shi

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LuLu is thriving because of your generosity. Thank you!

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LuLu is growing strong with your help! Thank you!

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Lulu enjoying Summer time in the pool!

Help us reach our goal of $250,000 by December 31, 2022! Thank you!

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