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A Legacy Partnership

WFG associates, the WFG Foundation and the WFG Charitable Trust have become part of the fabric of ICC, woven through the
investment of partnership, financial gifts, and visits to China.

“By myself, I can help one child. Together, we can help many children feel security and support. Each WFG teammate can do something to share in changing lives."

-Teresa Tang Wong

EVC, World Financial Group

Why Partner with ICC?

Since 2011, your donations, along with matching grants from the WFG Foundation and the WFG Charitable Trust, have invested over $1 Million in the lives of hundreds of children in China with disabilities who can now hope and dream for a better life.

Here are a handful of ways this tangibly makes a difference:

WFG's Goal is $250,000 for 2022!

WFG's fundraising goal for 2022 is $250,000 to help children and families with disabilities in China. THANK YOU for donating to help WFG reach its goal and impact hundreds of lives! So far we've raised $66,000!

WFG Thermometer 66K Nov 2022.png

The WFG Network of ICC Partnership

ICC wishes to express our collective gratitude to the WFG Ambassadors, Champions and donors. Their generous donations have helped transform the lives of children living with disabilities.


WFG Rocky Shi Team

Phoenix Logo_gradient-01.png

WFG Team Phoenix

Jenny Li & Wayne Xiong



WGF Jonathan Yu Team


WFG- Norman Meldrum Team

Winning Team.PNG

WFG Haihong Sun & Yuzhou Tang Team


WFG Dr. Wan Yang Team


WFG Sunny Huang & Ken Qian Team


WFG Teresa Tan-Wong Team TTW- WFG Marketing, Inc.


WFG Penney Ooi Team


WFG Connie Chen Team

Mission Team Logo Font2 (1).jpg

Mission Team - Pai-Yen Chung & Eileen Huynh

Rainbow Team - Christine Dai & Bob Cai EVC Team

Rainbow Team Christine Dai n Bob Cai EVC Team.jpg
Theatre Actor Portfolio Website.png


Eileen Huynh & Pai-Yen Chung
Hongqiao Li & Xiumin Tang

Yuemei Ding & Yongyu Zhao

Jacky Tam & Pamela Yeung
Xuli Zong & Ningping Dong

Albert Wang & Sophia Su
Jonathan Yu & Gina Pay

Bob Cai & Christine Dai

Michelle Liu & Loc Lam

Xiyin Xu & Yunlu Jin

Norm Meldrum

King Wah Lau

Haihong Sun

Hanzheng Li
Hong Dai

Teresa Tang Wong & Jack Wong

Penney Ooi & Benjamin Eeo

Rocky Shi & Miranda Kuong

Connie Chen & Victor Yue

Sunny Huang & Ken Qian

Jenny Li & Wayne Xiong

Wan  Yang & Lucy Yang

Become a Partner

Your partnership helps provide love, hope and opportunity for young people living with disabilities. Whether it be monthly, quarterly or a one-time gift, every amount makes a difference in the lives of these precious children. 

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