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ICC adoptive family

“ICC provided our daughter with family-style living and she was so loved and well cared for. She had attached to her caregivers and has now been able to fit perfectly in to our family with strong, healthy attachments. We are so grateful for ICC and can attest that their approach to caring for their children is life-changing.”

-The Frey Family

Finding a Forever Home

Child in this gallery have adoption files prepared by their local Social Welfare Center in China.  While these children are under our care in ICC projects, their local Welfare Center creates the adoption file.  We look forward to helping these children find their forever families!


Opinions expressed here about the children come from caregiver (both local and foreign) interactions with the children. Those who enter into International Adoption must be aware that it is impossible to capture everything about a child, and therefore families must be open and willing to accept all that comes with adoption including, but not limited to, diagnosed and undiagnosed medical needs, development delays, the effects of trauma, loss, and adoption can have on children. ICC documents and information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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