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You can be a changemaker for families and children in China

In China, parents of children with special needs can often feel isolated, faced not only with untenable medical costs and a lack of community support—but also with the inability to provide the care and support their children need to reach their full potential. By partnering with ICC’s Family Partners Program, you can make a lasting difference in the lives of children like Pu Dong, whose story is below.

Meet Pu Dong

Born with Down’s Syndrome, Pu Dong needed access to critical resources to help him learn and grow—resources his family couldn’t provide. Thanks to donors like you, Pu Dong and his family found hope when they needed it most. Because of you, ICC was able to surround Pu Dong’s family with love, hope and opportunity.

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Give Families Hope Today

These four children and their families are among hundreds in China longing for hope. You can surround them with the transformational services, support, community and love that lets them know they’re not alone.

Rui Jue

Rui Jue has Cerebral Palsy which significantly impacts his motor skills and mobility. You can provide physical and occupational therapy to help him build strength and become more independent.

Jun Xi

Jun Xi, who lives with his family in Changsha City, has been diagnosed with Autism. In September, he started Speech Language Therapy—a need that will continue in the coming years. With your help, Jun Xi will learn to express himself and become all he is meant to be.

Wan Ting

In addition to being born with a complex gastrointestinal disorder, Wan Ting has intellectual and speech delays. You can provide Wang Ting with speech therapy—and her family with the emotional, physical and financial support they need. 

Yang Da

Yang Da has a developmental disability. He lives in a rental apartment in Changsha City with his family. But without a residence permit, they’re unable to access essential government services. You can give Yang Da the therapy, education and social services he needs through ICC’s Family Service Center.

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When you give, you surround Pu Dong and children like these with love, hope and opportunity.

Will you partner with us today?

$1200 will surround a family with hope for 1 year, by providing them with the much-needed support, services and community they need. Your donation of any amount will bring a family hope. Thank you for your generosity!


Here are other ways your donation can provide hope: 

$25 – Surrounds a family with hope for 1 week
$50 – Provides a family with a Cross Care Team for 1 month
$100 – Surrounds a family with support for 1 month
$600 – Gives a family access to a cross care team for 1 year
$1,200 – Surrounds one family with hope for a year 
$3,600 – Surrounds three families with hope for a year

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