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Wrapping a Family with Support - Family Partners Program Report

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Our FPP Cross Care Team #3, recently met a new family in need of our support. Originally from Shaoyang in Hunan Province, Feiyang is a14-year-old boy who lives with his parents in Changsha. Both Feiyang and his mother have dwarfism, a genetic condition that causes shorter stature. Feiyang has constant pain in both of his legs which has made it difficult for him to walk, and his physical health is poor as a result. Feiyang is needing a series of surgeries to help improve his quality of life.

Feiyang and FPP therapist

The family moved to Changsha to seek medical treatment for Feiyang. His father earns a meager income as a cleaner, and the family struggles to make ends meet which has led them to beg at times. The family rents a small studio room near the hospital where Feiyang attends his medical appointments. Despite their difficult circumstances, this family has not given up hope and are prepared to do everything they can to help their son.

Feiyang had his first successful surgery in early July, and our Cross Care team went to see him while he was recovering at home. They spent some time chatting with Feiyang and realised he was most worried about missing school and his High School entrance

exams! Our staff offered to arrange a tutor to assist him with his schoolwork over the summer break. Cross Care team #3 will regularly visit the family, providing assistance and support. We are grateful for partners, like you, who help us provide hope to Feiyang

and many other families raising children with disabilities in China.

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