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Wendell | Age 13 | Shared List

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Wendell will age out of the adoption system in August 2021.

Wendell is an active, fun and handsome 13 year old (born 8/2007) who loves to chat with his ICC brothers. He has Congential Bilateral Blindness, but this does not prevent him from learning, playing and enjoying life! He is able to navigate through his ICC home environment independently, but appreciates help from others when outside the home in unfamiliar environments.

Wendell has good fine and gross motor skills. He is able to use outdoor exercise and play equipment independently when guided to position himself correctly. He can complete all task for daily living independently and uses a braille stylus. He is learning braille, and is able to write down his thoughts. He speaks and understand Chinese appropriately, and he enjoys conversing with his peers and adults. When nervous, his speech may not be smooth or he may repeat questions.

Wendell attends Special School 5 days a week, and his subjects are Chinese, Math and English. He is doing well in school, especially in spelling words. He has some difficulty with expressing the meaning of words and completing math problems. He is learning braille at school, and is currently at an entry level. He appears to enjoy using braille, and has written notes for visitors!

Wendell loves chatting with his ICC brothers, caregivers and others whom he comes into contact. He likes listening to stories and going outside for walks. He is very bright and social boy! He has a good sense of humor and enjoys laughing. Like most teenage boys, he can be a bit cheeky, however, he continues to learn appropriate social skills and takes advice when given.

We hope that Wendell will have a forever family soon: a family who will love his outgoing nature and humor, and will help him grow and thrive!

Wendell is currently on the shared list. Please contact our Adoptive Families Coordinator Erin Schmidt at to receive Wendell's identifying information if you desire for your agency to pull his file.

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