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Vocational training in Changsha Care Centre: Quan's Story

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Karen Lee, ICC Vocational Training Project Manager, shares how Vocational Training is impacting Quan.

In January 2021, I joined a group of my colleagues to do a yearly evaluation with our ICC young people. When we entered one of the community-group homes for boys, they were excited and nervous to see us, as each of us represented a specialized area. I was representing the vocational development program.

Quan volunteered to be the first one to be evaluated. I admired him for his bravery. Of course, the purpose is for the young people’s voices to be heard: their plans, their thoughts and to help them set their yearly goals.

Quan and our ICC staff

Quan working at home during lockdown

Since February 2020 Quan has stayed at his ICC home due to CV19 lockdowns. Despite this, Quan has continued to do crafts at home, working diligently, day in and day out. Though he has cerebral palsy, this does not limit his ability to create his crafts. Every day, he and his buddy, Ben, would set up their dining area for craft time. With a tray of beads, he would start a new day of work with Ben.

Hopes and Dreams

During the evaluation, I asked Quan about his dreams, his ambitions, and what he would like to achieve in the future. After thinking for a second, he looked at me and said he would like to be a helper to Xun (their main craft teacher). I thought that was very mature thinking for a young man. He was not thinking only of himself, having fun, or making more money. Quan thought about vocational development; he wanted to be an assistant craft teacher! I was very encouraged, and I assured him that I would seriously look into this matter.

Quan is always gentle and optimistic. He is my first choice in bringing any young people to our charity sales because he is always willing to do a craft on the spot. He is not shy with strangers when he is making crafts in public. He is setting a good example for other young people to follow. He puts others before his own interest. He is a selfless and humble young man!

After having completed the evaluation assessment with Quan, I’m encouraged by his dreams and ambitions. So we are setting our goal this year for him to be an assistant craft teacher to the young people at ICC’s Vocational Training Centre.

Quan working on his beautiful crafts

The ICC vocational training program is now based in the newly renovated Lighthouse building. Through your financial support, we are able to provide training opportunities; facilitate crafts, media, and hospitality workshops; help more young people with disabilities grow and develop their skills, ready for the workplace.

Thanks to all who support the work of ICC in helping bring fuller lives to China’s vulnerable youth through vocational training. Donate today to help transform the lives of children and youth with disabilities!

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