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This Autumn, the intermittent lockdowns in Changsha disrupted the work of our FPP Kaifu Qu team, leaving them unable to conduct their usual fun-filled activities at our centre. So our innovative staff came up with a solution - taking advantage of the beautiful Fall weather, they decided to host an outdoor activity on October 26. They invited twelve families to a barbecue campsite near the Xiangjiang River, for an exciting day of games and food.

Our staff arranged a variety of vibrant autumn-themed activities, including a sensory game that centered on a “train ride” through a nearby osmanthus garden that was in bloom. They also organized a craft activity where the children used Fall foliage to create works of art. Each child collected twigs, leaves or flowers from the surrounding park and created unique collages. The grandmother of one little boy, Wuyang, shared that “after we returned home, Wuyang was happy to find leaves and do it again!”

Of course, no FPP event is complete without sharing a delicious meal together! At noon, everyone gathered to eat and reflect. One attendee, Huahuan, sang “Listen to Me, Thank You” as a tribute. An FPP social worker, Chen Zhang, emotionally shared that “one of the expectations of the event was to invite two families who have never participated in FPP’s activities. Huanhuan’s family was one of them. The mother was very grateful to the staff and volunteers for their meticulous preparation, and that Huanhuan had the opportunity to make friends.”

FPP has created a community, and we are very thankful to our dedicated staff for continuing to find ways to support vulnerable families, even in the midst of pandemic challenges. One of those families was Yuanyuan’s, and his mother put it best when she commented that:

“FPP’s activities are not only practical, but more importantly, let us feel cared for instead of being labeled as a special group. When participating in their activities, parents can empathize with each other, communicate and help one another.”

We invite you to continue partnering with us to serve families in need. Thank you!

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