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Summer Fun in Hengyang!

In the Fall of 2015, our ICC Hengyang Care Center received an amazing gift—a saltwater

swimming pool! After hearing Founder David Gott’s share about ICC’s work and mission, a donor who owned a swimming pool company in China helped us install the pool. The pool is open July-August when the weather is hot and humid. What a gift this pool is for our young people; it offers therapeutic benefits, plus summer fun!

Delighting in Summer pool fun!

Cencen loves to swim!

“Watching Cencen swim last week brought me tremendous peace and comfort.”


16-year-old Cencen in the Willow Family has complex disabilities, which include visual impairment. Cencen is quiet, has strong sensory needs and likes to play on his own. Swimming brings transformation and delight to Cencen. The moment he goes into the water, he relaxes and rests his upper body on the swimming ring. From his non-verbal expression, we can tell that he feels very content and calm in the water. Cencen can also be very lively which he communicates through his body movements! He would tilt his head backward to let the water run freely around his head.

Holding his caregiver’s hands, he would make movements in the water by shifting

his head from left to right, back and forth continuously! It must be fascinating for him to float and feel the sensations of the water and to feel the warmth of the sun on his face! It’s so beautiful to watch Cencen’s total relaxation and interaction with his surroundings. Swimming is refreshing physically and emotionally for Cencen. The soothing water is not only therapeutic; it is also a safe place for him to explore, connect and be nurtured. One-to-one interactions with caregivers is an important part of swimming time.Whether it’s the tranquillity that Cencen experiences in the pool, or his Willow Family siblings’ noisy fun from splashing or shooting water guns, they all enjoy personal and family time together. We feel so blessed and privileged to have a swimming pool. Our children’s summer would not be the same without it!

Where Most Needed Donations help us provide these unique

opportunities like swimming—donate today!

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