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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

There is new life that has come into ICC’s care centers in Changsha with the addition of 28 precious lives. These ten, young people have a variety of disabilities including visual

impairment, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

During the summer, we received 10 of the children into on our community-based homes - the Senyu Home. In the short time these young people have been in ICC’s care, they are learning what it is to be a family, how to work together, how to care for each other and how to receive love and care from staff.

In addition, each of the 10 children are enrolled in the Changsha Special Education School.

Through donors like you, ICC now has a vehicle that can drive them to school on the other side of the city. We also have a dedicated staff member who attends school with them and assists some of the younger children. After school, one
of our teachers helps them with their homework and learning comprehension.

Enquan Yuan, the home for children with moderate to severe disabilities, is bubbling with hope as we welcomed 18 children in the last quarter of 2019. The government welfare center recently expressed their praise of the work of ICC. They acknowledged that ICC’s strengths lie in having strong therapy and education services along with higher staffing levels than they can provide.

In addition to welcoming 28 young people to the ICC family, doors have been opened to provide services to those living in a local government welfare center in Changsha.

Monday through Friday, a group of children have been participating in ICC’s day activities program. While they are with us, we provide them with snacks and three meals a day. Because most of these children have Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and intellectual disabilities, they are also receiving assessments by am ICC multi- disciplinary team made up of a social worker, a therapist and a special education.

Through this collaborative approach, we are able to understand their individual needs and put into place personal goals and customized services in the area of therapy, education, group activities and some much-need one-to-one attention.

Despite our limited time with the children, we have seen these children grow physically, mentally and emotionally as they receive love, hope and opportunity.



In July, Jinxiu joined the ICC family in Changsha. Over the last 6 months, she has made significant progress. Initially, Jinxiu was very quiet and expressed virtually no emotion. Today, she would be described as a happy girl who, because she has been given

holistic care and the love of a family, is responding to her caregivers. Through her physical therapy, Jinxiu is experiencing new levels of independence with improved balance and leg strength – all of which bring a beautiful smile to her face and celebration in the hearts of her caregivers.

Lu is 13 years old and is one of the oldest boys to join the Senyu family. He is a big brother to the younger boys of the Enquan Yuan family in Changsha. He is able to lead the younger ones and help them follow the routine.

Since joining Senyu Home, Lu has developed a love for cooking and is often found in the kitchen alongside his caregiver learning how to cook different dishes Lu was chosen by his school to be part of the running team. He trains twice a week after school and is fast. He recently won his races at the school sports day.


We are delighted to have these 28 young people in the care of ICC and to be able to provide them all with love, hope and opportunity.

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