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Noah | Age 7 | Adoption Grant

Charming Noah is 7 years old, and was born in December 2013. He has lived in ICC's family style care homes since he was only a few months old. He is a member of our Woodpecker Family with 8 other boys of similar age. Noah has Down Syndrome.

Noah has a Reece's Rainbow Adoption Fund, and is eligible for an additional $5000 grant until June 2021!

Noah is an active participant in his ICC family's morning circle time and attends in-house kindergarten classes during the week. He has a curious and cheerful personality, and likes making funny faces and communicating with others.

He loves musical instruments, and enjoys playing the keyboard, xylophone and tambourine. He also loves dancing and entertaining others, and is very expressive through music and dance! He has a good memory for dances and action songs. He can work and complete puzzles with some help.

Noah is well connected to his caregivers and Woodpecker family. He uses words like "baba and mama," and becomes very engaged and excited when it is his turn at an activity with 1 to 1 attention.

Noah loves water play, especially swimming in our ICC Project pool in the summer! He can run, walk and manage stairs without support. He enjoys our outdoor playground which includes swings, slides and trampoline, as well as kicking, throwing and catching balls.

Noah is a sweet natured, active little boy who loves to explore the world around him. He is energetic and enjoys all kinds of activities. His cheerful nature brings much joy to all who know and love him!

Noah has an adoption file, and is awaiting an adoptive family! Please reach out to to receive his identifying information if you desire to have your agency pursue his file.

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