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Nathaniel | Age 8 | Adoption Grant

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Cutie pie Nathaniel is 8 years old, and was born in August 2012.  He now is under the care of ICC, and living in family style care!  He previously lived for 5 years at the Welfare Center that has a partnership with ICC, and he has Down Syndrome.

Nathaniel has a Reece's Rainbow Adoption Fund, and is also eligible for an additional $5000 until June 2021!!!

Jan 2021 Update:

Nathaniel is gentle, warm and loves to have people around him. He attends a daily circle time and also started kindergarten in July 2020. He has picked up the new routine quickly - he is able to follow instructions, remain focused and complete simple animal puzzles/interactive activities.

Nathaniel likes music and becomes excited at the sound of the morning dance songs in the courtyard. He loves focused playtime with his caregivers. His favourite games include tubes and blocks, shapes, and color sorting/musical toys.

Nathaniel enjoys the swings/slide at the playground, riding a tricycle and playing with balls. He can catch, bounce, roll and kick a ball. Nathaniel also enjoys batting a larger ball along the floor with a cardboard roll, showing good hand/eye coordination.

He has a quiet disposition, however, is alert with his surroundings and enjoys eye contact. He uses non-verbal communication and understands verbal instructions in the framework of his routine.

Pictures taken Fall 2020

When Nathaniel entered into care, he was estimated to be 6 months old. His file says "he could not adapt well, always cried and would not like to sit or be quiet." Sweet boy was most likely grieving the loss of his first family. The welfare center enrolled him the Grandmother Plan where Nathaniel was paired up with a very special Grandmother who cared and loved on him.

This one-on-one doting by his grandmother helped Nathaniel reach his milestones.  He can walk, can call "granny" if happy, likes being outside and explore nature.  While outside he likes pointing to the sky with one hand!

Nathaniel has good balance, can understand simple directions, can imitate well, likes being close to an adult and being accompanied by the caregiver.  He can be timid, and his caregivers say he is becoming more "bright" and his cognition ability is good.

This sweet, lovable boy needs a family to help him reach all of his potential.  He sounds like a gem!  Nathaniel's name means Gift from God and Victorious.  He certainly is a gift, and we look forward with anticipation to see how Nathaniel's life is used!  We can't wait to praise and thank God for raising up Nathaniel's forever family.

"But thanks be to God, who gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." I Cor 15:57

Nathaniel is now back on the shared list.  Please contact Erin Schmidt, ICC Adoptive Families Coordinator, at to receive is identifying information if you wish to have your agency pursue his file.

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