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Little Ark Vocational Training

We've launched our Third Little Ark Food Truck!

Little Ark No. 3 was launched into service this past July. Located conveniently in front of the Lighthouse in Changsha, the food truck offers a rewarding vocational training opportunity for our young people, as they learn to navigate food production, managing finances, hospitality and marketing.

In 2019, we opened our first Little Ark at Changsha No. 1 Welfare Center and were excited to extend our operations to the Hengyang Welfare Center in 2021. The Arks teach valuable employable skills and nurture confidence and self-sufficiency.

Little Ark No. 3’s grand opening had an enthusiastic turnout from the local community. As well as enjoying tasty food, customers were treated to a wonderful performance from some of our young people who sang and played percussion instruments together. Local news outlets and several government officials were also in attendance.

Food is a wonderful way to form connections and that is precisely what Little Ark No. 3 does. Our young people are forging meaningful bonds with the community and local residents, opening their hearts and nourishing their bodies.

If you'd like to donate to this important work, please visit Thank you!

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