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Lele Needs Eye Surgery

Lele is a happy, outgoing 14-year old who lives with her grandmother on the 4th floor of an old building in Changsha. Born with Cerebral Palsy and not expected to live beyond three years, doctors encouraged the family to abandon Lele.

Lele’s grandmother was adamant that the child would not be given up. Even as her parents drifted away, 70-year-old Mrs He vowed to care for her granddaughter. She has done so for more than a decade on her meager pension of roughly $280USD a month.

For several years, Mrs He has been bringing Lele to ICC’s Family Partners Programme, where she receives special education and physical therapy. They make the regular trip to the FPP Services Centre and the pair have become favourites with the staff.

Because of our connection with them through FPP, we want to partner to help Lele receive surgery she desperately needs. Doctors are urgently recommending surgery to save Lele’s eyesight but funds are scarce for Mrs He.

Please join us in supporting Lele and Mrs. He through our ICC Medical Fund.

ICC’s Medical Fund exists for situations such as this. Although the government pays for some medical procedures, eye surgery is not covered. With your support, Lele's sight can be repaired - giving her the gift of being able to experience the world as never before.

ICC’s Medical Fund provides a range of health care services to impoverished families who have nowhere else to turn. The Fund also serves the many young people in ICC’s care centres, children with disabilities who have experienced abandonment.

Donate today to ICC's Medical Fund to provide life-saving surgeries, essential medicines and medical care for the most vulnerable children in China. Thank you!

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