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Updated: Oct 1

Joshua will age out of the adoption system in Novemeber 2020.

Joshua, born Nov 2006, is 13 years old, and is such a handsome fellow with a bright smile.  Those close to him say he is a lovely boy, very polite and keen to learn and be more independent.  Joshua has Cerebral Palsy.

In ICC's care, Joshua has grown in confidence and ability.  He is member of the Conductive Education group where he receives education and therapy to help him develop his abilities.  Joshua has good communication skills, and expresses his opinions and wishes with his teachers, carers, therapists and friends.  He enjoys learning, and is an active member of his education and therapy classes.  He would benefit from speech and language therapy to help understand the cause of his "hoarse" voice.

Joshua has lots of learning potential, and really enjoys going to daily classes.  He is able to concentrate during class, ask questions and respond appropriately.  His education is behind due to his delayed opportunity to receive education. Joshua recognizes colors, animals and 40 Chinese characters. He can count and recognize numbers, and do simple math.

Joshua uses a wheelchair, and can move himself independently from chair to bed or bathroom without help.  He manages to get himself around in the wheelchair including a daily 30 minute trip to school!  He is able to pull himself up to stand at a table, and can sit unsupported on a stool.  He does have some high muscle tone which affects his legs and arms.  His hands are affected by the CP, but he is able to feed himself, brush his own teeth and do puzzles.  He can also dress himself independently.

Joshua has been in ICC's care since he was 5 years old (pictured on left), and he longs for a forever family. He has seen several of his friends adopted, and desires to have the same.  He has been asking about a family.  We pray that the Lord will bring Joshua a forever family.

Joshua's advocacy name means "God is my Salvation" and "Bringer of Truth."  We pray that Joshua will know God's salvation and redemption, and pray that a Forever Family steps forward to answer Joshua's deep desire to be a part of a family.

Joshua is currently on the shared list.  Please contact Erin Schmidt, ICC's Adoptive Families Coordinator, at to receive Joshua's identifying information so that your agency can find his file.

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