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Join our Hope for Families Giving Club

Building Strong Families & Impacting Generations

AFICC is excited to launch and introduce our new Hope for Families Giving Club—an annual giving program that supports the groundbreaking work of ICC’s Family Partners Program (FPP). FPP works with families facing the prejudice, poverty, stress and stigma that comes with raising a child with a disability in China. Through FPP, desperate families and their children move from being at-risk to strong, healthy families who now look to the future with expectation.

As one of the few remaining international non-profits serving children in China, ICC is uniquely positioned to be a service leader that provides hope to vulnerable families. By becoming a Hope for Families Giving Club member, you are leaving a legacy and impacting future generations.

Our Mission

Children belong in families, and FPP is helping keep families together. The unconditional love of a family is integral to a child’s growth and development. With this in mind, our Giving Club levels spell the word “FAMILY” and each level is represented by a tree found in the Chinese landscape. The tree’s characteristics and symbolism align with how we want to see families flourish and find hope.

If you'd like to learn more about our Hope for Families Giving Club, please visit Thank you!

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