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ICC Invited to Present at Annual CAFO Conference

International China Concern is honored to join thousands of world-changers from all over the globe at the CAFO2019 Summit. Held May 8-10, the annual convention is hosted by the Christian Alliance for Orphans and provides an opportunity to seek and provide expertise on the care of orphaned and vulnerable children. With invitations to host a workshop as well as present on a panel at this annual convention, both opportunities will focus on the subject of family strengthening, a key facet of ICC's mission.

David Bondy, ICC's Development Manager of Family Partners Program, will travel from China to host a workshop discussing the importance of family preservation by supporting families raising children with disabilities. US National Office Director Tracy Imbach will present at a speakers panel focused on the importance and mechanics of supporting vulnerable families to help them remain together.

ICC is an accredited member of CAFO which unites 190+ respected organizations and over 650 church members with joint initiatives to inspire and equip Christians to live out effectively the call to care for orphans and vulnerable children. ICC recently received CAFO's distinguished “Family Care Challenge Grant." The first of its kind, this grant is supporting ICC’s efforts to “empower family care of vulnerable children” through its Family Partners Program.

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