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Family Partners Program: Providing Much Needed Support

A few months ago, Jiayi, a young boy that the Cross Care Team #2 has been supporting, was admitted to the hospital’s ICU needing an urgent operation.

At the beginning of December, Jiayi became ill, and his mother first thought he caught a cold and took him to the hospital for a check-up. The doctors could not find out the cause of his illness, and as Jiayi’s condition worsened, they transferred him to another hospital. This was the same hospital where Jiayi previously had his hydrocephalus shunt surgery, and the doctors were familiar with Jiayi’s case. After some initial tests, the doctors informed them that they suspected that there might be a problem with his hydrocephalus shunt.

As Jiayi’s condition grew more critical, he was admitted into the ICU. Lost in hopelessness, his grandmother made a desperate phone call to our social worker and reached out for help.

The next day, we visited the family at the hospital. We gifted 500 RMB to the family for Jiayi’s medical bills and spent some time comforting the family, reassuring them that the doctors knew Jiayi’s case very well, and that he was in good hands.

ICC staff visit with Jiayi's family at the hospital

Providing Comfort

The Cross Care Team’s visit provided much needed support to Jiayi’s family. Jiayi’s grandfather revealed that he became very depressed when the family learned about Jiayi’s critical condition. The team’s visit allowed the family to talk about their concerns and emotions. This support provided comfort, helped ease anxiety and made them feel less alone during these stressful times.

That same night, Jiayi went into surgery. Thankfully, the timely operation saved his life, and he was able to come home after a 1 week hospital stay! We visited the family, and it was wonderful to see Jiayi smiling and feeling better. Because of FPP, we were able to walk with this family during a scary medical crisis.

As a Family Partner, your generous support has enabled our Cross Care Teams to shine a light to many families that are struggling in their darkest moments.

Celebrating Jiayi's recovery with a pennant Jiayi's grandmother had made

Jiayi’s grandmother and his parents were extremely grateful for FPP’s care and support, so much so that she got a pennant made and presented it to the team!

Join us as a Family Partner to support vulnerable families!

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