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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Several months ago, we came into contact with a rural family raising a child with Down Syndrome. Dongdong is a precious little boy and is responding well to both special education and therapy sessions that happen weekly at our FPP Family Services Center.

Since the family are not residents of Changsha city, they are not able to participate in government-funded programs and are grateful to receive our services. During his initial assessment, it was clear that Dongdong had a protruding growth on his neck. His mother explained that this sometimes interferes with his swallowing and she has been concerned that is may be something serious that would require risky survery. But not having the means or know-how to get it checked out, she has opted instead to wait and see.

In order to determine exactly what was happening with Dongdong, the FPP Cross Care Team that had been assigned to his case, recommended that we provide the funding necessary to get this investigated.

Cross Care Team

Cross Care includes a professional therapist, a social worker, and a special education teacher. All members of the team work together to ensure that every area of concern is adequately addressed, and that the child and family receive optimal care.

To assist Dongdong's mother with the often complicated medical system, our team also accompanied her and her son to the hospital. Thankfully, the outcome was that there were no major problems and nothing that needed to be addressed by surgery at this time. The relief on Dongdong's mother's faec was palpable.

On the day of his doctor appointment, we also discovered that is is difficult for Dongdong and his mother to navigate the complex subway system in Changsha. She is from a smaller area and typically sticks with the bus even though it takes twice as long to come to the FPP Service Center. The team has now devised a plan to help them take advantage of this public transit tool and

cut their commute time in half.

It is a joy to be able to lighten the burdens of families such as these in any way we can!

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