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Diane | Age 13 | AGING OUT | Shared List

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Diane will age out of the adoption system in November 2021.

She has 1 year for a family to adopt her before

she ages out of the adoption system!

Darling Diane will be 13 years old (born Nov 2007), and her file lists her as having development delay and high muscular tension. This high muscular tension is more than likely caused by Cerebral Palsy, affecting her mobility and language but not her intellect.

Photos from January 2016

Diane is a girl who SHINES!!!  Here is what a recent visitor had to say about Diane:  

"Just from me meeting her the other day - she has a very bright and contagious personality.  She obviously has CP that affects her physically, but her intellect is quite clearly fine. She is truly amazing. I was impressed to watch her playing and communicating with one of the other boys, she is attentive and learning, and would do so well in a family."

Photos from July 2015

Diane is very smart and can express herself well with her body language but she does struggle some with verbal communication.  She can clearly call her caretakers "auntie."  Diane also learns very quickly in class and retains what she has been taught.  She is also very eager to learn new things!

Diane is an amazing girl and has overcome many challenges to keep up with her peers.  Previously, she could not even sit or feed herself.  Now, she can feed herself, sit up independently and can clap her hands during music time.  Diane is somewhat introverted and likes playing alone, but she does interact well with her peers during activities.

Determined Diane can walk by holding onto something for support. Her caregivers are not sure what her mobility future will hold.  She would definitely benefit from therapy.  Diane is also competitive as she won a crawling competition on Children's Day!  She has great motivation of learning and wanting to do her best!  She has good focusing ability and looks forwards to trying things. This lovely, smiley girl needs a family who can see the hidden potential in this gem! Diane is now back on the shared list.  Please contact Erin Schmidt, ICC's Adoptive Families Coordinator at to get her identifying information if you wish to have your agency pursue her file.

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