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Corporate Partnerships Making A Difference

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

For nearly a decade, Teresa Tang Wong (pictured above) has witnessed firsthand the transformative nature of ICC’s work and has become a champion for the organization’s mission. With a heart full of love for the children ICC serves, Teresa has shared partnership opportunities throughout her workplace, engaging fellow associates of World Financial Group. She has found that engaging in partnership with ICC boosts morale within her organization and demonstrates social responsibility while creating a meaningful difference in the lives of young people with disabilities.

“By myself, I can help one child. Together, we can help many children feel security and support,” shared Teresa, WFG associate and ICC Ambassador. “Each of us can do something to share in changing lives.”

Lucy Lu Yang (1st right), WFG associate and ICC Ambassador visiting ICC Care Center in Hengyang.

Why Businesses Partner with ICC

Since 2011, WFG associates along with matching grants from the WFG Foundation and the WFG Charitable Trust have directly invested over US$1 million in ICC’s mission and programs, transforming the lives of many young people. In 2015, the second floor of ICC’s Hengyang Care Centre was dedicated to WFG in appreciation for their generous support. It is home to 24 children with complex needs who live in family-style group homes and receive foundational and holistic care. WFG donations help ICC provide life-saving and life-giving aid to these cherished young people.

From left: The young adults at ICC Care Center with Jack Wong, Alison Kennedy (international volunteer), Teresa Tang Wong, Miranda Kuong and Dr. Wan Yang.

“Each time we get the chance, we share this experience of [witnessing ICC’s services],” shared Lucy Lu Yang, WFG associate and ICC Ambassador. “We share about the kids and their needs. We desire for more people in the world to help them. It’s so important.”

Tailor-Made Partnerships

“ICC seeks to not only build trusted relationships with our valued partners,” said Tracy Imbach, ICC’s US National Office Director, “but also to partner in a manner that best speaks to the culture of the organization with which we’re working.”

WFG expressed a heartfelt desire to meet the children and caregivers they help support. Through a tailor-made partnership, WFG representatives can engage with ICC at multiple levels including an ICC Champion and Ambassador Program for those who give over US$5,000 per year. Champions and ambassadors are eligible to join an ICC-led, self-funded Vision Trip to visit the children and ICC care centers.

Dr Wan Yang agreed that investing both donations and time has been a rewarding experience for WFG associates. “Everybody is busy. When we organized our trip, I got so excited because the kids not only need the funds, but they need us,” said Dr Yang. “I feel so touched by the visit.”

“One of the girls left a deep impression,” shared Lucy. “She knows everything, so smart, but she can’t express herself well. She’s so loving.”

The visits have allowed for corporate employees to play a deeper part in the ICC family, creating lasting bonds. They come home with hearts touched and a profound desire to raise awareness in their workplace as they raise funds and support for the children they met and served.

“The values ICC holds were so impactful to me,” commented Miranda Kuong, a WFG associate and ICC Ambassador. “And then I saw how ICC and our donations help make those values a reality. WFG is blessed to make a difference in the lives of these children.”

WFG Associates at the Walk the Wall Bellingham, WA (USA) event in 2019.

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