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Cora, age 5 (born March 2014), lights up a room with her magnetic smile and personality!  Cora has Cerebral Palsy which affects her mobility and some body control.  She has been in ICC's care since she was 3 months old.  Cora lives in family style care with 7-8 other children with consistent care givers.  Our ICC staff notes she has a strong persevering and endearing personality!

Cora was an angel during ICC Christmas 2019!

Cora absolutely radiated joy when she received her new wheelchair in May 2018!  She wanted and needed to wheel herself around as she desired more independence.  Having seen other "big kids" wheeling themselves around, she took to it immediately! She is able to maneuver her wheelchair independently for 20-30 meters (65-100 feet) before she tires.  But she is getting stronger and going further over the last 6 months.

Fine motor skill development has been a consistent focus of Cora's class and therapy times. Using a variety of puzzles, manipulative skills and play activities, she has become very adept at shape sorting and strengthening her fine motor skills.  She can hold a crayon but not with a traditional grip.  She is learning how to use a spoon for feeding but still needs some help.  She manages finger foods on her own.

Cora can sit independently in a chair when the height is right for her feet to touch the ground.  She can stand from sitting using her hands to pull up.  When she is tired, ICC staff do use a chest harness in her wheelchair to help her with sitting balance. She loves the outdoors and gets excited when outdoor activities are suggested!  She also loves spending time with her friends and ICC siblings.

ICC staff note that Cora is very clever and perceptive.  She attends classes each morning within the ICC project.  Her teachers acknowledge her potential to further flourish if there was more opportunity for 1 on1 teaching time and additional resources.  She can confidently count to 10 in Mandarin, and happily counts to 10 in English too!  She recognizes names and colors.  She loves repeating phrases spoken to her.  In the classroom, she understands taking turns and teachers call Cora the "little helper" because she would remind the other children what to do!

Cora is a beautiful girl with an internal sparkle that just radiates.  She loves pretty hair and dresses, hugs and kisses from those she loves.  She gives love as well as receiving it!  Our ICC staff long for her to have a family of her own where she can flourish and reach her potential. "This little girl is full of life and joy!  She has so much potential that would only be realized if given supports of family, love, therapy and education.  The welfare system is not a place for her to grown up.  Let's find her family!" - ICC Staff

Cora is currently on the Shared List.  Please contact Erin Schmidt at if you desire for your agency to locate her file on the shared list.

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