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On the 3rd September 2021, we were honored to welcome Weikang, 11, and Xiaohe, 10, into our Changsha family. Xiaohe is a lively young girl with Down syndrome who is quick to laugh. Weikang, who has a learning disability, has been described by his caregivers as “polite and helpful.”

When Xiaohe first arrived at her new home, her new sisters were quick to welcome her into the family, and Li took Xiaohe under her wing and enjoyed teaching her about life at ICC. Unfortunately, Weikang had a more difficult time adjusting. He found nights difficult and would often stay awake, hugging his knees to his chest. The caregivers would sit with him and comfort him, and his sleeping gradually improved.

Both Weikang and Xiaohe struggled with their self-care skills initially. The staff set manageable, targeted goals to help them improve, which included independently brushing their teeth, dressing themselves and making their beds. While Weikang initially found it difficult to share, he now shows a great spirit of cooperation, offering to help his brothers with the daily chores. Xiaohe is also eager to lend a helping hand at home, and will escort her visually impaired roommate back to their room after meal times.

While under ICC’s care, Weikang and Xiaohe have also excelled at the special school they attend. Weikang is excellent at reading aloud in class; he is clear and lively, and his teacher often praises him. Xiaohe has made great progress with her writing and maths, but her favorite subject is painting, where she has been commended for her “incredible patience and creativity.”

They still face challenges, and they are learning emotional management skills for when problems do arise, but the staff have shared that “overall, the most fundamental change in the two children in the past year is the burst of vigorous vitality… they are full of hope.”

At ICC, we promise that every child in our care will receive all the tools they need to thrive and reach their God-given potential. Both Xiaohe and Weikang have been on challenging, rewarding journeys over the past year. We are incredibly proud of the progress they have made, and cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the years to come.

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