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Child Sponsorship: Tanli

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Tanli, age 24, is full of joy, has a beautiful smile, and is a generous helper in her ICC home. Tanli has Cerebral Palsy, and while everyday tasks can be challenging for her, she exudes determination.

Growing up in ICC, Tanli received therapy and conductive education (an education and therapy method based on the premise that movement and motion coordination can be learned) before attending a local school with her peers in Changsha. Tanli now lives in the Senyu community-based group home with her ICC sisters - a place that’s always full of warmth, fun and laughter!

Since 2017, Tanli has worked at a sheltered workshop where she makes clothing labels and packs clothes. She gets herself up for work Monday to Friday and commutes 1.5 hours to her job. The trip involves traveling via three different buses followed by a walk to her workplace! The bus drivers now recognize her and will wait for her if they see her walking towards the bus stop. Determined and dedicated, she always makes sure that she gets to work regardless of the weather.

Tanli enjoys going to work. With the small income she makes, she is able to purchase her own clothes and buy things that she likes.

We are so proud of Tanli, and her never-give-up spirit! You have helped us give her roots, and it is a joy to watch her flourish. Thank you for bringing love, hope and opportunity to the young people at ICC through Child Sponsorship!

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