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Celebrations: Christmas & A Special Award

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Sparkling tinsel, homemade decorations, ornaments, festive food and family gatherings were part of our ICC Care Center Christmas celebrations. Togetherness and love were celebrated while memories were made! In Hengyang, the children and staff look forward to the yearly pageant with costumes and retelling of the Christmas Story. The day ended with staff singing carols by candlelight over the children at bedtime. This beautiful, simple tradition wraps the children in love before they drift off to sleep.

As we prepared to ring in the New Year, we learned Li Ming, a local leader in Changsha, received another prestigious award for impacting the lives of children with disabilities.

He was named the Fifth International China Public Welfare Charity Award winner! Li Ming is the Chairman of ICC’s Rainbow Project in Changsha, Director of AishiAssociation for Disabled Children, and member of the Council of Social Organizations in Changsha. We are thankful for the role he plays in children’s lives and advocating for Disability awareness and social inclusion. He is beloved by the children - who call him “Baba” (Daddy) - a testament to his love and care!

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