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Celebrating Bing’s Life of Love & Accomplishment

Updated: Nov 6, 2020


Bing loving life at ICC's Summer Children's Day Celebration.

When Bing is happy, everyone knows it. Whether it’s something he’s proud of or something that gives him joy, Bing celebrates with a huge smile and a round of applause.

Part of ICC’s education program, Bing brings a contagious excitement for life wherever he goes. His signature clapping delights not only his Staff Team but also those in Bing’s extensive sphere of influence. In therapy classes and family circle times, Bing is an influencer in the art of celebration.

In his 15 years, Bing has experienced the loss of his birth family; faced surgery; learned to communicate non-verbally; and mastered wheelchair mobility. After a brief stay at the government welfare centre, he came under ICC’s care in 2009. Despite it all, Bing’s excitement fills a room.

Recently, Bing achieved a milestone goal set last year at his person-centered care plan meeting: he learned to transfer from his wheelchair to bed and back again. As ICC staff looked on, Bing launched himself into his bed—landing safely but face first. We could see Bing’s infectious smile as he celebrated his accomplishment. In true Bing fashion, we clapped joyously with him. Applause well deserved.

Life’s achievements, big and small, are meant to be celebrated with people you love and people who love and support you. At ICC, we celebrate with our children in the spirit of a loving family.

American Friends of ICC, we invite you to clap with us. Rejoice and celebrate with Bing—and with all the ICC children you love and support, so they can reach milestones and achieve their full potential.

You can bring love to more children like Bing.

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