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Bobby | Age 13 | Adoption Grant

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Bobby now has a $15,000 Reece's Rainbow Grant!

Additionally some agencies will provide grants for him starting at $3000.

Bobby will age out of the adoption system in April 2021.

Bobby, born in April 2007, is a delightful 13 year old boy who has Down Syndrome.  He is an active boy who loves to play, especially with play dough, sand and bouncy balls.  He enjoys bouncing on the trampoline and swinging on the swing set! During these times, you will hear his infectious giggles!

Photos taken spring 2014

Bobby currently does not communicate using words, but understands commands and instructions and responds through sounds and gestures. He would benefit from using sign language to help his communication skills.

Bobby is in the care of ICC and lives in a group style home with consistent caregivers. He attends kindergarten classes each day where he interacts with his teachers and has a good relationship with them. He enjoys painting and doing simple puzzles which is developing his fine motor control.

Bobby has a Reece's Rainbow account, and is now eligible for a $15,0000 grant! His advocacy name in RR is Boden.

Bobby is currently on the shared list.  Contact Erin Schmidt, ICC's Adoptive Families Coordinator, at to receive his identifying information if you wish to have your agency pursue his file.

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