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Benson | Age 6 | Adoption Grant

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Benson, born in May 2014, is a delightful, gentle and happy little fellow.  His diagnosis of Down Syndrome has slowed his development, but he is making continual progress in all areas of his life. Benson lives with 7 other children with in his ICC family style care center and has consistent care givers. He is very settled with in his ICC family, and enjoys the company of his ICC siblings.

During this past year, Benson has made good progress and improvement in his social communicative skills.  He interacts with adults and children well.  

He loves pre-kindergarten group playtime which he attends several times a week. It has free play with focus on manipulative skills, singing, rhythm and socialization.  Often in his group settings, he perceives happy situations and will raise his hands in the air and exclaim "Hooray!"  "He is delightful," state his carers.

Benson loves to watch and imitate his caregivers.  They have been teaching him how to stomp, twist and dance; he is able to follow their instructions.  He understands his caregiver's interactions with him, but he currently has a very limited vocabulary.

In July 2019, Benson took his first steps!  Our ICC staff were so excited to see this major milestone and even captured it on video!  It is not often that children in institutional care have milestones like this one captured! We are thankful that Benson is experience family style care and is loved and celebrated.

He enjoys the freedom to walk around and explore different things.  He can walk from his ICC family home to the kindergarten classroom every day.  At kindy class, he enjoys shape sorting and displays fine motor skills to pick up shapes, small objects, instruments and has a good grip.  His carers have recently started to teach him to feed himself and put on his socks.  He is trying to do both of these skills by himself!

Sweet Benson has made a lot of progress in the last year!  He is delightful, well adjusted little boy whose happy kind ways would bring sunshine and joy into a forever family.  We pray that his forever family will see him soon! Benson has a Reece's Rainbow Account where funds are being raised for his adoption. Benson may also be eligible for adoption grants via certain adoption agencies.  Madison Adoption Associates previously offered $1500 towards his adoption.

Benson is currently on the Shared List.  Please contact Erin Schmidt at for Benson's identifying information if you wish for your agency to pursue his file.

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