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Become a Child Sponsor and help transform the lives of children with disabilities!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

At our ICC Care Centers, we value celebrating birthdays as it is a way to honor and cherish the children in our care. Our first 2021 celebration was for YiYi who turned 5 in February. YiYi is a little lady whose personality and presence is a delight. While YiYi is non-verbal and has some aversions to touch, her reflection of beauty and uniqueness is strong and inspiring.

Yi Yi smiles with delight

Yiyi at Little Pandas Home

YiYi came into ICC’s care in November 2017. She joined our Little Pandas home where seven children live in family-style care. It has been a journey in helping YiYi with her communication and expanding her sensory world.

Over the last year, due to the pandemic YiYi has only left the grounds of the care centre once. Life has been limited but YiYi has accessed regular therapy sessions, been swimming, visited the Great Wall of China (in model form), and celebrated Children’s Day in an Ice Kingdom. All of these rich experiences have brought welcome happy moments with resulting smiles from YiYi. The arrival of a new special buggy from one of ICC’s donors has made all these experiences super comfy and convenient too.

Brave New World for Yiyi

Our Therapy team has continued with daily Circle Times through 2020, and it is the added sensory elements that have brought a new challenge and joy to YiYi.

Watching YiYi engage in challenging new experiences is a wonder to watch.

Our Circle times with sensory integration uses tools such as nubby mats to represent grass. Tentative and with an open expression, YiYi lightly touches the mat but will often pull back her hand. Our teachers sing songs to give more time to engage. Overcoming her fear, YiYi taps her fingers on the mat, and each time this mat is introduced, she is more receptive and engages with this sensory play. Each circle time increases her confidence in trying new things and overcoming her fears.

Yi Yi works on her physiotherapy

Small Gifts, Rich Experiences

In addition to daily Circle Time, YiYi has access to therapy a few times each week. These one-to-one sessions are important for her physical and developmental growth. She especially loves her time spent on the therapy ball, which is not only fun, but is helping her integrate different muscle groups and her senses.

We are privileged to bring these experiences into the lives of the children in our care. Sadly such opportunities are not found outside of ICC’s care. The richness that these experiences bring to YiYi are impactful - bringing joy, purpose and quality to her life.

Thanks to all who support the work of ICC in helping bring fuller lives to China’s vulnerable children.

Become a Child Sponsor and help transform the lives of children with disabilities!

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