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A Time to Celebrate

Celebrations and traditions help bond us to those we love, nurturing connections and our sense of belonging. Traditions also teach children important family and community values. That’s why our ICC Care Projects—modelled on family-style care—hold traditional family celebrations highlighting birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

The children love being part of the ICC Christmas pageant each year

For many years, our projects have celebrated Christmas with a pageant re-telling the Christmas Story of joy, wonder and love. The day ends with candlelight carolling at bedtime—a beautiful sight to behold!

Chinese New Year

With its cultural and historical significance, Chinese New Year is a deeply rooted holiday, steeped in tradition. Based on the lunar calendar, it signals the beginning of Spring. Chinese New Year is a time for families to gather and celebrate together. Our ICC family marks Chinese New Year by cleaning, decorating with festive red lanterns and wall hangings, preparing dumplings together, and giving each child a red envelope. All of these represent good fortune for the coming year—and remind the children in our care that we are family.

Our ICC family enjoys celebrating Chinese New Year together

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