Opportunity Brings Healing

and Restores Lives

Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so.

Doris Lessing

Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000!

A quiet day in Hengyang because of the Qingming holiday, a festival celebrated throughout China to honor ancestors, many of the Hengyang staff were away and children were home from school.

Alison Kennedy, ICC’s therapist, was working in her office as a group of energetic teenagers invited themselves into her work space, hoping to fix their wheelchairs. What started out as a simple task with a screwdriver and wrench ended up becoming a space for opportunity, joy and belonging.

ICC is so grateful for the partnership with World Financial Group. Through your generous support since 2012, hundreds of children like these teenagers have received the gift of nutrition, medical care, education and therapy to help build deep roots of love and hope which have become the foundation for opportunities like this wheelchair party in Alison’s office.

This year, your support of ICC remains crucial. As we head into the summer and fall, ICC continues to provide life-saving, holistic care to 159 children, youth and young adults in Hengyang. Will you consider a gift today and continue to be part of their lives by providing restorative, life-giving opportunities for growth?

Provide Holistic Care and Opportunity for Growth

Hu Hu lives on the 2nd floor of ICC’s care center, a floor dedicated as the WFG Infant Center and is part of the Little Monkey Family. Each month, he is surrounded by caregivers, therapists, and special educators who are getting to know him and creating individual growth plans.

Your gift of $520 will provide one month of foundational love and services for a child like Hu Hu.

Provide Mentorship for Hengyang Youth

This summer Hengyang youth will participate in class that provides vocational training focused on developing skills for specific work opportunities.

Your gift of $1,250 will provide the special learning opportunities as ICC’s youth are mentored.

Become a “Champion for Children”

WFG hopes to grow the “WFG Champions for Children,” an elite group of ICC supporters who are making a contribution of $5,000 or more/year. Champions for Children receive exclusive opportunities and benefits.

Your gift $5,000/year not only provides love, hope and opportunity for the 159 young people living in Hengyang but you will also become part of a special team that is invited to travel to Hengyang in 2020 for a self-funded vision trip.