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Help children like BingBing grow strong!

YOU can be a part of helping children, who need extra medical support, thrive!

Your gift today will help children, like BingBing, grow strong and flourish! Together we can provide him and other ICC children with a special high quality formula only available in the USA.


With your support, we have seen BingBing's metabolic condition and quality of life improve as a result of the new formula. BingBing has gained weight, filled out and his health is much more stable with this high quality formula.

Would you consider giving a gift to help purchase and ship this life-sustaining formula to BingBing and others like him? 


  • $50 covers one day of formula

  • $300 provides a week of formula

  • $600 aids two weeks of formula

  • $1200 supports a whole month of formula


Donations to the ICC Medical Fund help cover the cost of specialized formula and individualized treatment plans such as this and improves the quality of life for the most vulnerable children in ICC’s care.

Help ICC's most vulnerable children grow strong and thrive!

Please consider giving a special gift today and share in the joy of seeing lives transformed. Would you give a gift of $300, $200, $100, $50 or more to provide these precious children with the medical support they need to thrive? Thank you!

Thank you!


Children. like BingBing, are flourishing as they are wrapped in special support from our Medical Fund.

bingbing comparison.jpg

The 3 month difference this high quality formula has made in BingBing’s life is remarkable!


Help us purchase and ship this life-sustaining formula to BingBing and others like him!

Thank you for partnering with us to bring love and support to the vulnerable children in our care! Your gift changes lives! Thank you!

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