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Bring HOPE to families TODAY who are raising children with disabilities in China!


Your gift today will bring HOPE to the families we serve, like Bin Bin’s (pictured right), by providing essential therapies, counselling, training, special education, mobility equipment, medical funds and more.

RS5745_一斌Yi Bin climbing the ladder - edited.jpg

With your support, Bin Bin is growing in strength and confidence through essential services like physical therapy

Help us reach our goal of $30,000 by June 1, 2022 (International Children's Day) by giving a special gift of $50, $250, $600 or another amount today, so that more children and families will see HOPE blooming in their challenging circumstances. 

Every $1 will be doubled up to $5,000!
RS5627_Team #2 delivering 一斌Yi Bin wheelchair - edited.jpg

Bin Bin and his Cross Care Team

Thank you for partnering with us! Your gift is providing hope to families caring for children with disabilities who are in desperate need of much-needed resources and support. Together we are helping families stay together! 


Here’s how your generous gift is impacting lives!

  • 400+ families surrounded with love through our Family Partners Program (FPP) bringing training to caregivers, 1-1 support through special therapies (physical, occupational and speech therapy), special education, community activities, vocational training and counselling. And we hope to support an additional 100 families starting this year!

  • Love, hope and opportunity for every child and young person with a disability so they know they are valued and loved as they grow in their unique potential.

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Will you partner with us today?

Thank you for your support!

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