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What does it take to help a child transform from living a life of painful isolation to thriving in one of healing connection?
Please join us in Circling a Child with Hope today

and ensure that they will no longer live in painful isolation.

A devoted mother shares her family's story of hope and connection:

My 5-year-old son, Fan, had a life-altering surgery that thankfully halted his debilitating seizures. As a result of the procedure though, he lost the ability to walk and faces other delays and complications. I was left feeling alone and inadequate to be his mother. But when ICC heard of our needs, they sent a Care Team to provide support for my son. My son was fitted for a customized wheelchair. I learned how to do physical therapies with him at home.

We no longer fear what’s to come;
together we can now dream for Fan.

Hope for my family's future has been restored not only through Fan's care but also as ICC asked about by 12-year-old son, Guo, who is autistic and has cognitive delays. Sadly, local schools don’t understand his diagnosis and this will soon prevent him from receiving an education. The Care Team has assured me that they will help find solutions for Guo, such as vocational training and social inclusion opportunities. We are now surrounded by the on-going support we need to remain together as a family and I’m deeply grateful.

Fan & Guo.png
Fan, Guo, his mother and their care team


Reach Families in Rural Communities

Your gift will mobilize a care team to travel to under-served children and families.



Strengthen Mobility

Give the gift of physical therapy to a child for one month.



Provide Holistic Care

Embrace a child with a Care Team for one week.



Educate a Mind

Nurture a child with education for one month.



Embrace a Child

Provide a child with the expertise of a Care Team and resources for one month.



Give Children Tools for Mobility

Your gift will empower independence through the purchase of a wheelchair and/or adjustments needed to participate in life-giving activities.



Connect Children with Critical Care

Provide 20 children with a social worker who will get to know their needs and connect them with critical resources.



Empower a Child

Envelop a child with a Care Team for one year.

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