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Raising a child with disabilities in China can be overwhelming due to a lack of resources and a cultural misunderstanding of disability. Since 2008, ICC has sought to support families raising children with disabilities in an effort to prevent child abandonment and to empower families to stay together. The program was expanded in 2018 to provide services for even more families, including those in rural areas.

We have been invited by the government to expand the Family Partners Program to reach 7,000 more families in Hunan Province.


Become a Family Partner and help us expand our reach! For $50/month, your donation will help families stay together. Learn more below.

Cross Care Teams

Cross Care Teams have been developed as ICC’s mechanism for providing prevention and intervention services to families residing at home and raising a child with a disability or serious illness.


A team consists of three professional service providers (social worker, special education teacher, physical therapist or medical professional). This specialized team of professionals travels to the home and provides caring supportive services to a family, beginning with an assessment of the child’s needs and then moving into a case plan to assist where needed. Every child’s needs are different.


Our child-focused and individualized care plans allows us to meet the needs of the child and their family. Our one-to-one interactions builds trust, security and relationship with the child and their family. Many FPP families are low-income and can not afford specialized therapy. Our Family Partners Program is providing services many families never thought they could access.

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Care Services

When a family contacts FPP for services, our Care Team staff conduct an assessment to determine which care path to offer the family.

Intensive Services is where a family is assigned to a Cross Care Team and have weekly interactions and services with their Cross Care Team.

Enrichment Classes are offered to older children who need assistance with basic life and pre-vocational skills. They are not in need of intensive services but may need coaching or life skills help.

Consultation Services are available for families who are outside of our immediate service area or not in need of either Intensive or Enrichment supports.


Referral Service is a final option for families who do not fit the above options for various reasons. We will seek to identify and help connect them with relationships or resources they need.

Our Cross Care Teams either serve families in their homes or at our Lighthouse location. We also have an FPP Mobile Therapy Van to serve families.

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Become a Hope for Families Giving Club Member

Join our Hope for Families Giving Club and see your impact grow as you partner with us monthly to bring consistent life-transforming care and support to families in need.

Giving Levels


FIR TREE - $1000/mo or $12,000/yr

The Fir symbolizes longevity, endurance and steadfastness. Gifts at this level will give the Family Partners Program longevity, helping us to effect change and confront stigmas about disability. 20 new families will be reached per year with this gift.


Benefits: Previous level benefits plus invitation to the AFICC Annual Saturday guest speaker portion of the board retreat & zoom call with Founder, David Gotts or ICC CEO Peter Maize.


ASPEN TREE - $750/mo or $9,000/yr

The Aspen is known for its tenacious vitality as it spreads vigorous roots. Our donors at this level represent the community that FPP brings to isolated and lonely families. ICC will work to reach families, bringing them community and support. 15 new families will be reached per year with this gift.

Benefits: Previous level benefits plus zoom call with Family Partners Program Director, David Bondy.


MANGO TREE - $500/mo or $6,000/yr

Mango trees are prized for their sweet and nutritious fruit which symbolizes prosperity and future success. Our donors at this level help us provide for 10 families and their children. By expanding our reach, more families will know their future holds promise and sweet hope.

Benefits: Previous level benefits plus recognition in the Annual FPP Report.

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INCENSE CEDAR TREE - $250/mo or $3,000/yr

The Incense Cedar, considered the Evergreen Tree of Life, is a strong, beautiful tree cherished for its wood and medicinal properties. Our donors at this level are bringing strength to 5 families per year who face challenges, helping the family’s roots grow deep.   

Benefits: Previous level benefits plus name recognition in the Fall Newsletter.


LINDEN TREE - $100/mo or $1,200/yr

The Linden is a large, symmetrical tree admired for its beauty, fragrant blooms and shade. The Linden symbolizes love, friendship, peace and justice. Donations at this level help us love 2 families per year by reminding them of their worth and purpose.

Benefits: Previous level benefits plus invitation to “Follow A Family”.


YEW TREE - $50/mo or $600/yr

The Yew is named the “longevity tree,” and is a popular tree cultivated in the gardens of Chinese families to represent long life. The wish associated with this tree is that the whole family is harmonious, healthy and complete. Our donors at this level help us serve 1 family per year with a dedicated Cross Care Team.

Benefits: Hope for Families lapel pin, invitation to  annual event, access to quarterly FPP updates and annual report.

Family Gallery

Hope for Families Updates (Click to View and/or Download)

For more information about Family Partners Sponsorship, contact Erin Schmidt via email or (360) 746-8520.

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