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Your gift today, will bring JOY to the children and families we serve, by providing essential therapies, nutrition, counselling, mobile equipment, medical funds and more for vulnerable children in our family-style group homes and families in need caring for children with disabilities.

Double the JOY for the children, youth and families we serve!

Would you consider giving a special gift today to share in the JOY of seeing lives transformed? Or consider partnering with us monthly to provide a steady source of funds so JOY can continue to flourish in the lives of those we care for.


Thank you for partnering with us! Your gift will increase the joy of families and children we serve and that's something we can all celebrate!

JuJu loves learning to play the ukulele!

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The joy of the harvest at Hope Farm!

Did you know you can donate appreciated stock to ICC? 

For donations of appreciated stock:
Broker: Edward Jones, attn: Seth T. Nilson: 360-629-5487
DTC Transfer # 0057
Brokerage account #5681999412

Contact Robin E. Dunn (AFICC Executive Director) with any questions at

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Here's how your generous gift is impacting lives!
  • 200+ children and young adults live in ICC’s family-style group homes receiving 24/7 care, including nutritious meals, special education, and 1-1 special therapy for strengthening muscles, minds and hearts.

  • 300+ families surrounded with love through our Family Partners Program (FPP) bringing training to caregivers, 1-1 support through special therapies (physical, occupational and speech therapy), special education, community activities and counselling. 

  • 80+ young adults growing in their potential, confidence and life skills through participating in ICC’s workshop and craft rooms.

  • 30+ young adults trained and employed internally at ICC’s projects through the Little Ark Food Truck and Hope Farm.

  • Love, hope and opportunity for every child with a disability so they know they are valued and loved as they grow in their unique potential.

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