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ICC is a Christ-centered movement of people from around the world. Through partnership with ICC's ministry – a ministry that embodies passionate proclamation as well as compassionate service – churches throughout the US have the meaningful opportunity to help transform the lives of vulnerable people in China, including orphans and families raising children with disabilities.


Opportunities to engage a church community in the work of ICC include individual or corporate child sponsorship, short-term mission’s trip, long-term volunteer opportunities, family-centric fundraising opportunities such as Walk the Wall (our annual walk-a-thon), children and youth resources for education and outreach, speaking engagements, and much more.

Lord's Grace Christian Church's Pastor Brian and an ICC child

“Seeing and being involved in just the smallest way in the work of caring for and loving these children was really transformative. These children are, by the world’s standards, the least and they are so easily ignored…in reality, [they] are God’s great gift to us – given so that we can experience what it is to give without getting back and therefore discover the meaning of being made in the image of God.”

Pastor Brian Leong

Lord’s Grace Christian Church, Mountain View, CA

We sincerely thank our US church partners and their congregants for demonstrating the love of Christ by caring for those in ICC’s care.

Brentwood Baptist Church

Contra Costa Gospel Church  

Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Church

Elk Ridge Baptist Church

Fellowship Bible Church

First Baptist Church Monroe  

First Christian Kernersville

First Presbyterian Church  

Lord's Grace Christian Church

New Day Christian Church

NOLA Church

Peninsula Community Alliance Church

For more information about Church Partnerships, contact or (360) 746-8520.

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