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Learn more of David's story and the work of ICC.

ICC provides love, hope, and opportunity 

to children with disabilities and strives to

end abandonment by keeping families together. 

She lived less than 24 hours.

She died without a name, without a family. But her short life touched a young man’s heart and inspired a commitment to compassion and care.

Since its founding in 1993, International China Concern has partnered with the Chinese government to develop social welfare services for China’s most vulnerable children. 

In 1993, a newborn girl was abandoned and brought to a Chinese orphanage.
China's Oasis
China's Oasis is the story about International China Concern and David Gotts who started it at the age of 22.
ICC is privileged to partner with people from all over the world.

Together, we surround struggling children and families with resources needed to live a life filled with the love of a family, hope for their future, and the opportunity to thrive. 


If you would like information about how you can partner with ICC, please complete the information below.

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Thanks for your desire to find out more about ICC and join in our mission to bring love, hope and opportunity to vulnerable children and families in China.

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