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Your Sponsorship is LIFE-GIVING

Join ICC’s Hand-in-Hand Sponsorship program where life-transforming work is witnessed every day! ICC’s holistic and family style care model brings love, hope and opportunity to children and youth in our care. Journey with your sponsor child and learn how ICC is helping them reach their full potential.

Our work would not be possible without the support of faithful sponsors like you who help provide:

Stable Home

A safe and loving home with family-style care by trained and dedicated carers.

Nutritious Food

Healthy meals served in a family-style setting.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Medical Care

Regular medical care and emergency medical intervention.

Access to dedicated in-house therapists and therapy equipment.

Special Education

Small group classes according to abilities.

Life Skills &
Vocational Training

Empowerment through valuable life skills and vocational training.

Children Eligible for Sponsorship

Each child listed below needs several Hand-in-Hand sponsors to commit in order to reach full support. If you would like to join Hand-in Hand, please click here and be sure to include the name of the child you’d like to sponsor.

Chongchong, Born in 2012
ICC Child Chongchong

Chongcong is dearly-loved and, as oldest of the eight boys in his Woodpecker family at ICC, he prides himself in his role as big brother. He is a great helper around his Woodpecker family and in his classroom. He is also quite the charmer, and the caregiver’s love it when he calls them “mei nu” which means pretty lady!

Chongchong arrived at ICC in August 2017 when he was 5 years old. He previously lived at a Chinese government welfare center.

We are blessed to have Chongchong as part of our ICC family.  He has an adoption file, and it is our desire that one day he would have a family of his own. Until then, he will be loved and nurtured here in Hengyang, thanks to the sponsorship of generous supporters.

Huanhuan, Born in 2012
ICC Child Huanhuan

Our precious Yang Longhuan joined the Swallow group home at ICC in 2015. In her ICC family, Huanhuan has shown to have a sweet, sensitive and caring spirit. When one of her ICC sisters is distressed, she is concerned for them. She also enjoys the love her ICC sisters give her.

Huanhuan has cerebral palsy which limits her movement and mobility. Huanhuan enjoys circle time with her sisters and her caregivers, and while nonverbal, she loves singing, playing musical instruments and enjoying the sensory input through these activities.

ICC's therapists work with Huanhuan each week using exercises and movement to strengthen her muscles, and help her reach her full potential.

Jimei, Born in 2016
ICC Child Jimei

Jimei is a cute little girl who came into ICC care in the Spring of 2017. She joined the precious little ones in our Little Honey Bees family where she currently thrives with 7 active brothers and sisters. It is a home full of toddlers on the go!

Jimei has Down syndrome and has made tremendous progress since joining her ICC family. She is now crawling - surprisingly quickly! Jimei enjoys her toys and likes to sit in the rocking chair and rock and sing.

Jimei is blessed to be in a family of active babies and toddlers where her carers watch over them with love and kindness. We hope that she will be adopted into a forever family in the future, but until then her ICC family gets to watch her grow and develop while lovingly caring for her.

Huhu, Born in 2014
ICC Child Huhu

Huhu is a little boy with Down syndrome who came into International China Concern’s care when he was close to 3 years old. He joined our Little Monkey group home family in our Hengyang Children's Care Centre.


Huhu has been with us for only a short time but is already beginning to know his caregivers, recognizing his their voices, though he’s still a bit shy with new people.

Through working with ICC’s therapists, Huhu is developing more strength is now able to move his head better to explore the world around him. As he has become more comfortable with his carers, he is beginning to express his likes and dislikes!  He likes to grab his feet and chew on them whenever he has the opportunity.

Huhu will soon have an adoption file, and we pray that his forever family will see him soon! Until then, we are loving having this cutie pie in our Little Monkey Family.

For more information about Child Sponsorship, contact Erin Schmidt via email or (360) 746-8520.

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