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HOPE is Blooming for Bin Bin!


The coming of Spring represents the new HOPE that many parents in our Family Partners Program (FPP) experience as their children receive specialized in-home support from our ICC Cross Care Teams. Each Cross Care Team (consisting of a social worker, a therapist and a special education worker) provides families in need with assessments, counselling, physical and occupational therapy, training, special education, and vocational training, to help them thrive.


Recently we received a letter from Bin Bin’s mother, expressing the newfound HOPE that she has for her son, thanks to the support of their Cross Care Team.


When Bin Bin began receiving services from the FPP team he was quite shy and unwilling to speak to his “Teachers” (a respectful term for Cross Care Team service providers). But through the specialized therapy and education provided by his loving teachers, he is blossoming:

  • Bin Bin receives weekly physical therapy to strengthen his muscles from Miss Xiang, his physical therapist. She began to help Bin Bin crawl on the floor and now he can use an assistive mobility device and is able to move about upright on his own.

  • Bin Bin enjoys speech and language therapy with Miss Dorothee, his speech and language therapist. He exudes cheerfulness as he excitedly says, over and over, "Miss Dorothee says..." 

  • Bin Bin gets excited when he hears Miss Huang's voice because he knows it's time for his class session. As his special education teacher, Miss Huang is teaching Bin Bin numbers, letters, and colours to help him grow his communication skills.

Bin Bin is blooming in confidence as he receives world class care from our Cross Care Team. His future is full of HOPE and opportunity, because donors like you, have supported our Family Partners Program

However, HOPE is multiplied in the life of Bin Bin’s mother as well. In her letter she says, “In the past, we spent so much money and saw almost no progress. I was so discouraged and didn’t know what else to do. FPP staff have given me new HOPE!” She goes on to say that she had felt forgotten by society but now it feels like she has been brought “back to life” by the care and love of our ICC team. These are words of HOPE! 

Bring HOPE to families TODAY who are raising children with disabilities in China!


Your gift today will bring HOPE to the families we serve, like Bin Bin’s, by providing essential therapies, counselling, training, special education, mobility equipment, medical funds and more. Thank you for your support!

RS5745_一斌Yi Bin climbing the ladder - edited.jpg

With your support, Bin Bin is growing in strength and confidence through essential services like physical therapy

RS5703_一斌Yi Bin learning at our center.jpeg

Bin Bin hard at work in his special education class

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