Awakening Awaits

This spring, 50 new young people will enter ICC's care! For the FIRST TIME, they'll each receive specialized education, one-on-one therapy and live in a family-style context.


Will you help provide new hope

for these new youth?

Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000!

Increase Independence and Confidence Through Therapy Equipment

Many of the children coming into ICC's care will need physical, occupational and feeding therapies. Wheelchairs, positioning aides and specialized eating utensils will help them gain independence and increase their self-worth.

Your gift of $25 will help secure specialized therapy equipment.

Support Physical Health Through Hiring and Training Therapists

We can prevent muscle atrophy and joint/muscle contractures and increase functionality through specialized therapies. Trained therapists are key as they provide individual therapy plans for each young person in our care.

Your gift of $50 will help ICC hire trained therapists.

Expand Cognitive Growth Through Specialized Educators

Individualized learning opportunities through special educators will unlock worlds for those new to ICC's care. Group classes, one-on-one education and computer lessons along with community outings will help our new youth flourish.

Your gift of $100 will help ICC hire specialized educators.