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AFICC Board of Directors

Ken Smith
AFICC Board Member Ken Smith

"My adopted nephew was in the care of ICC from very early in his life. ICC gave him loving, healthy care and an opportunity to be adopted into our family. It is a joy to support the organization that made all of that possible."

Sylvia Leong
AFICC Board Member Sylvia Leong

"The first time I visited ICC's Hengyang center, I was amazed by how much joy and love was immediately visible from the second you walk in the gate.  The children and families of ICC remind us that love can transform lives, and that every life is worthy of love, dignity and care.  In a global society that values productivity and efficiency, ICC is a much needed institution that shows us the beauty of being present, the value of being still, and the worthiness of all lives.  It's a privilege to serve such a caring institution."

Elaine Kung
Elaine Kung.png

Elaine Kung is passionate about faith and work movement since founding Called To Work in 1996. Elaine grew up in poverty in Hong Kong, immigrated to the States as a refugee, and changed from a "trouble maker" to a "peace maker" when becoming a Christ follower in 1981. In her work, she helps others be their best and take Jesus to work. She serves on a few Boards including: New Hope Compassion, Theology of Work, CEOGlobalUSA, Cultivation Project, Ambassadors for Christ and as a church elder. 

Hong Zhang

Dr. Zhang has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience on preclinical drug development for anti-cancer therapies, starting from early-stage research, project initiation, to late-stage toxicology evaluation. She has led multiple projects which have successfully advanced into clinical trials, including both small molecules and biotherapeutics. She published numerous papers and recently has been focusing on the development of COVID-19 treatment since the outbreak of the pandemic. Dr. Zhang received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from University of Pittsburgh. She did her post-doctoral research at the Burnham Institute in San Diego.

Chen Ni.JPG
Matt Laughlin
Matt Laughlin Board Pic.jpeg

Matt, currently working as the Director of Construction for Global Cross Sourcing in Birmingham, Alabama, lived in China for over 6 years between 1999 and 2014.  Matt’s passion for orphan and vulnerable children, along with his heart for China, led him to serve as a Board Member for American Friends of ICC. In November 2019, Matt had the opportunity to visit ICC’s children and staff in China. He reflects, “Having spent a lot of time in children’s homes and orphanages all around the world, it was refreshing to see the care and love that is given to the children in ICC’s care. The joy on the faces of the children was inspiring!”

Chen Ni is currently a Senior Marketing Director for the World Financial Group, one of AFICC's long-term supporters. Chen Ni is a former professionally trained China National Diver, and 2 time NCAA Title Champion: winning the 1999 and 2001 World Grand Prix, 2010 and 2012 US NCAA D-1, and 2012 Asia Cup. Chen holds a Master's Degree of Education & Counseling from Indiana University. In addition to AFICC, she serves on the boards of the Rotary Club of Kearney Mesa San Diego and American Chinese Athlete Association (ACAA). She and her husband, Charlie, and twins Adeline and Casper, reside in the San Diego area of California. Chen Ni received the Volunteer of the Year Award at the AFICC Gala 2022, in recognition of her outstanding volunteer service and love of the children ICC serves in China.

Chen Ni
Bryan Klein_69915.jpg

Bryan Klein is a Research Director at Gartner Inc., focusing on Quality and Supply Chain Management. Previously, Mr. Klein worked in a variety of industries while living in China, Africa and North America, helping companies establish systems to increase performance and efficiencies. Bryan directed a nonprofit malnutrition initiative in Southeast Africa that manufactured fortified peanut-butter for malnourished children. Mr. Klein’s previous work experience includes the International Crisis Group in Beijing, China and Spire Research & Consulting in Shanghai, China. Bryan studied international affairs at Georgetown University, focusing on US-China relations, and at Fudan University, receiving a Masters in International Politics.

Bryan Klein
Lucinda Hsu
Lucinda and fam edited.jpg

Lucinda Hsu is a CPA and has worked as a church and religious non-profit consultant and in churches and public accounting. She is currently leading various community, church and social media affinity groups while continuing to work in her family’s businesses and homeschooling her two children. She is the daughter of two immigrants who were born in poverty in Guangdong province and immigrated to the US as teens. She feels keenly for the struggle of families through what she learned through her own family stories of her grandmother who was widowed and left illiterate and pregnant with her sixth child. She has a heart for the China ever since serving on her first mission trip as a college student in Hong Kong, and that love has only continued to grow with each subsequent trip back to China. She and her husband began their journey to adopt from China in 2006 which was finally completed with the special needs adoption of their daughter in 2018 in Shannxi province. She is passionate about ICC’s work in China to serve the most vulnerable and their families in meaningful and humane ways that serve the whole person with dignity and love while in partnership with local communities and governments.

AFICC's Staff

Robin Dunn

Executive Director

Kim Cancelosi

Development Coordinator

Erin Schmidt

Adoptive Families and Sponsorship Coordinator

AFICC's Adoptive Families and Sponsorship Coordinator Erin Schmidt
Tiffany Nangle

Development Assistant/
Walk the Wall Coordinator

Panny Ting
Renata Dalrymple

Business/Finance Coordinator

Robyn Leavens

Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer
(US & Canada)

Robyn Leavens.jpg
Laura Carney

WFG Coordinator

Office Administrator

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