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ICC's Story Begins

ICC's founder David Gotts on his first trip to China.

The impact of a newborn who died without the love of family inspired David Gotts to create a movement of holistic care, providing for children as seen in this photo.

In 1993, a newborn girl was abandoned and brought to a Chinese orphanage. She lived less than 24 hours. She died without a name, without a family. But her short life touched a young man’s heart and inspired a commitment to compassion and care.

International China Concern (ICC) was founded in 1993 by David Gotts after seeing firsthand the suffering of Chinese children with disabilities who had been abandoned and left without hope in desperate conditions. Starting with sending short-term teams to serve, ICC has evolved into a robust FNGO with permanent locations in Hunan Province.

ICC's Work

Since its founding in 1993, ICC has partnered with the Chinese government to develop social welfare services for children with disabilities.


Our reputation and relationships in China place us in an excellent position to not only provide family-style group homes and specialist services for the children significantly affected by disability, but also to empower and train local staff to save lives, support families, transform communities and change public attitudes towards disability.

Give Life through

Family-Style Group Homes

Caring for children with disabilities who live apart from their biological families

Today, ICC is working in 2 areas in China: Changsha and Hengyang in Hunan Province – to provide holistic care and nurture to children and young adults with disabilities who live apart from their biological families.

End Abandonment through Family Support Services

Keeping special needs families together

ICC strives to prevent abandonment by providing family support services to those families raising children with disabilities.

Share Values with Local Staff and Volunteers

Shifting mindsets and increasing understanding

ICC strives to share the innate value and worth of those for whom we care in order to transform the perception of disability within China.


Our Impact

ICC has worked in China for 25 years. ICC is recognised as one of the leading organisations in China that provide the greatest range of orphan care and specialist services.


close to 900 disabled children and young adults who were abandoned have received holistic care and nurturing from ICC


325 families raising children or young adults with disabilities received professional family support services


293 children with disabilities who were abandoned have been adopted into families in China and overseas countries


more than 5,000 short term volunteers from overseas countries have been mobilized to serve in ICC's care centres

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