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American Friends of International China Concern (also known as American Friends of ICC or AFICC) is the registered name for the US office of International China Concern.


AFICC’s vision is two-fold. First, we seek to cultivate opportunities for those living in the United States to become part of a global community of people who are committed to bringing transformational love, hope and opportunity to children and families in China living with a disability. Second, we are committed to cultivating an environment of mutual transformation as we come alongside children and families facing difficult circumstances.

AFICC's Mission

American Friends of ICC is dedicated to educating people about disability and Chinese culture, mobilizing volunteers, raising the funding need to support the programs in China, collaborating with like-minded organizations, and sharing about lives transformed - all in support of those ICC serves.

AFICC’s Values

AFICC seeks to uphold and live out the beliefs and values of International China Concern. In addition, we strive to:

Educate and Equip: We seek to provide resources and opportunities for donors, volunteers, advocates, and employees to share the vision and mission of ICC in China.

Reflect Diversity: We are connected to people of all cultures, faiths and ability, knowing we are stronger together as we serve a common purpose.

Communicate Respectfully: We seek to represent the stories of those we serve with dignity.

Practice Responsible Stewardship: We seek to responsibly manage, with transparency and integrity, the resources that have been granted to AFICC on behalf of ICC’s programs and services.

American Friends of ICC is a tax-exempt organization (Tax ID#31-1706836) with a US Board of Directors. AFICC conducts an outside, annual audit and is accredited through the ECFA.

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